TFG Marine to offer biofuel bunker blends in ARA
24th June 2021 12:50 GMT

TFG Marine -- Trafigura's bunkering division -- announced June 24 its offering of biofuel bunker blends which will be available to the shipping industry in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp region.

"TFG Marine offers customers International Sustainability and Carbon Certification-certified B20, B30 and B50 biofuel blends in the ARA region," it said.

B30 -- suggesting 30% biofuel content -- is derived from second-generation feedstock, the company said previously.

"Enabling our customers across the globe to reduce fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions to make strides towards their sustainability and climate action targets."

Biofuels blends are gaining increased attention as the shipping industry looks towards more stringent environmental regulations in 2030 and 2050.

Biofuel components blended with prevalently used oil fuels have been tagged by many as a 'drop-in' fuel, meaning it requires no or minimal upgrades to the shipping engine, while reducing environmental impact immediately.

A pre-trial phase was previously stated to have started in March and the project end-date was previously scheduled to finish in mid-July.

Bunkerworld ,
24th June 2021 12:50 GMT