Vessel detained for violating ECA regulation
BDN showed fuel was within sulphur limits but Dutch authorities 'refused to acknowledge the role of the bunker supplier'.

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Andrzej Golik - Polska Zegluga Morska PP
8th October 2012
Hi , anybody knows the name of the ship detained in R'dam ? Or more important : in which ' North African ' port she got ifols ? Interesting case...
Mustafa Muhtaroglu - Enerji Petrol Denizcilik ve Ticaret A.S (Energy Petrol)
8th October 2012
Thanks Andrzej, very good point, very right question... In such market we have to share information about ports & suppliers and cases like this one. Mustafa Muhtaroglu, Energy Petrol
Gordon van der Brugge - Flinter Shipping BV
12th October 2012
Not many North African ports with lsfo these days. I guess Ceuta.
Andrzej Golik - Polska Zegluga Morska PP
12th October 2012
Hi Gordon , hard to say sa vsl's name unknown , and no more news fm Bunkerworld abt this detention ., . Whatever , nice weekend !
Unni Einemo - The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA)
12th October 2012
Bunkerworld reporters have been in touch with various Dutch authorities (port, police, port state control) to find more details. They have not been able to help us with details relating to this particular case, but they have come back with a general reply:
Gordon van der Brugge - Flinter Shipping BV
17th October 2012
We have to wait and see.. Meanwhile one of our vessel's entered the English channel (10/10) and reported that a helicopter with a measuring device was flying just above the exhaust pipe for approx. 5 min.
Crew made a picture and it was quite impressive. Looks like Port state control takes the ECA regulations very serious. Be aware and make sure you comply fully while entering ECA. ; )

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