Fuel oil sampling guidelines adopted
IMO 'invites Governments to apply the Guidelines' when revised MARPOL Annex VI enters into force.

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Vincent De Vos
22nd July 2009
Good morning all,

Of course its in everybodies interest that samples are taken correctly, however would it not be time now for MEPC and/or IMO to regulate the sample taking at the refinery or storage facility.
Only if that part of the supply chain is taken care of quality control will/can be seen as a complete picture.

The whole traject from were the oil comes out of the well till the moment its been delivered ex jetty to the bunker barge samples are taken by various parties to ensure quality is within specification but at that stage it stops, no fueloil samples are taken at loading barges at the jetty of either refineries or storage facilities. The owners of the fueloil hide behind the tank specification treating the whole transport-line from their tank to the actual jetty as no-mansland.
The moment the barge is loaded and leaves the jetty to sail to the sea going vessel and connect the bunkerhose all of a sudden the sampling traject is picked up again and in case of off spec fueloil the only party to blame is the bunker supplier.

Is it not time that the bunker industry grows up and takes responsibillity? The back up of Imo/MEPC would be highly apreciated.

Food for thought??

Vincent de Vos - O.W.Bunker (Netherlands) B.V.

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