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Every year, our Port Chaplains reach out to around 350,000 merchant seafarers who battle treacherous seas, harsh working environments and endure months away from family and friends to bring goods to our shores.

The lonely seafarer
Your support will enable us to help seafarers such as Marco:

Severly burned in a fire whilst in the Port of Vitoria, Brazil, Marco spent many lonely, painful weeks in hospital. Far from friends and family, he was regularly visited, and comforted by our Port Chaplain, Ailton Ferreira de Souza. Ailton kept in touch with Marco's family, offering friendship and support, before helping the injured seafarer to return home.

Marco said, "It was so good to have you visiting me, talking, laughing and passing the time. My family also thank you for being there for me. I hope to see you again and that the Sailors' Society will stay in Vitoria - very important! Keep up the good work."

We offer a lifeline to merchant seafarers worldwide
Seafaring is one of the world's most dangerous and isolating jobs.
Merchant seafarers face many challenges in their working lives, including:

  • the threat of piracy
  • turbulent seas
  • being confined to the ship, often even when in Port
  • months of separation from family and friends

Our Port Chaplains operating in 104 Ports in 27 Countries
They offer vital help, be it as simple as giving a phone card to speak with loved ones or transport to shops, to assisting with more serious issues such as supporting survivors and families of those who have experienced piracy attacks.

In 2011, our supporters helped the Sailors' Society to:

raise $4.5 million to support seafarers worldwide

help 376,200 seafarers worldwide

transport 21,600 seafarers

distribute 8,187 international news sheets

make 569 welfare grants

visit 305 retired or injured seafarers at home

visit 233 seafarers in hospital

How your funds could help:

£10 could provide 2 phone cards to enable seafarers to call their loved ones;

£120 could support a Port Chaplain in a developing country for a month;

£200 will fund the average costs of providing an enture Port Chaplaincy service for two weeks;

£500 will fund the running costs of our seafarers' minibus in Antwerp, providing a vital link with the outside world.

"95% of goods are transported by the sea"

"The seafarer spends on average 9 months at sea, far from family and friends"

"84% of seafarers have no access to telephone or internet facilities while at sea"

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Enhancing the well-beign of merchant seafarers worldwide
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