Flowmeter for bunkering operations
5 Mar
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We produce of the flowmeterswith mechanical account device or electric account device. Flowmeter offer themeasurement for custody transfer of petroleum, desiel products, aviation fuels,Shipping fuels MDO, MGO, IFO and a broad of industrial liquids. Fuel Flowmetersnominal DN25, DN40, DN100, DN150mm with mechanical account device.Theconsumption:  DN25 to7,2m3/h, Working pressure, MPa:1,6 (16Bar)
DN40 to 25m3/h, Working pressure, MPa:0,6 (6Bar)
DN100 to 180 m3/h, working pressure, MPa:1,6 (16Bar)
DN100 to 180 m3/h, working pressure, MPa:6,4 (64Bar)
DN150 to 420 m3/h, working pressure, MPA:1,6 (16Bar)
DN150 to 420 m3/h, working pressure, MPa:6,4 (64Bar)
Class of accuracy: 0,25 or 0,5%Reset to"0"Theflowmeter considers single, moment and total account. Ourlocation also provides us with immediate access by air to worldwidedestinations.All of ourproducts are guaranteed 12 month. 

Technical department Feniks Tranzit Piter
190020, Russia,Saint-Petersburg, Lifliandskaia str. 6 ,lit A Tel:+7-921-4437163    
E-mail: fenikstranzit@gmail.com

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