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Mass Flowmeter Accuracy

In a recent article ('Concerns raised about mass flow meters') CBI Engineering questions the accuracy of mass flowmeters in detecting the presence of air and whether there will be a conflict between vessel-mounted and barge-mounted flowmeters. We follow the open debate on this subject with great interest, and would like to respond to the mentioned concerns as they have been well considered in our effort to mount flowmeters on container vessels.

Coriolis-based flowmeters measure mass directly and thus do not rely on potentially inaccurate estimates based on volume, density and temperature. As opposed to traditional positive displacement flowmeters, Coriolis meters have the ability to measure mass accurately even under so-called two phase conditions - that is, where air or gas is entrained in the liquid. In fact, the Coriolis flowmeter can tell you second by second how much air entrainment is in the flow.

Buffalo Marine Service’s recent success with flowmeters on board a bunker tanker highlights the fact that flowmeters can be a success on ships and barges alike. Further, the high accuracy of Coriolis flowmeters means that potential discrepancies between two certified flowmeters will be insignificant. Should readings from two certified meters on the same bunkering differ slightly, one can easily envision a resolution of settling at the midpoint between the two.

After an encouraging first wave of flowmeter installations and bunkerings, we are very optimistic. The efficiency gains from utilizing flowmeters are generating excitement in all corners of the industry. Momentum remains high, and together with official authorities, suppliers, and other stakeholders, we will continue rolling out Coriolis flowmeters.

Best Regards,

Jesper Rosenkrans Ødum
Business Development Manager
Maersk Oil Trading

Jesper Rosenkrans Ødum, Maersk Oil Trading, 28th September 2009 12:57 GMT
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Kenan Erdemir
Kenan Erdemir
3rd October 2011
I want to ask Mr Jesper R Odum,

is Arbitrage trading good business for a reseller??
Can u explaine the arbitrage trading??

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