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  • Bunker Fuel Additives
  • Sean McDonald

    GMT 16:34
    10th September 2008
    Our additive line of products are made by a company named Omstar for more than twenty years. All vehicles or ships using this product will emit less harmful emissions, use less fuel and will require less maintenance as a direct result of using these products. These products have been tested by the California Air Resources Board, the US Military and the Air Quality Management District, LAX Shuttle etc. Our company Green Eco Tek sells Omstar B-15X for use with Bunker-C Fuel or Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel. Our additive is registered with EPA. We have many independent test results. In an 8 million mile test on 30 buses at LAX we reduced opacity by 86% for example. CEE testing Lab reported an overall 50.03 percent reduction in Emissions. I personally used Omstar D-1280X in my Toyota Tundra and consistently get 100 miles more per tank. We are one of the few additives on the market today that have independent testing of our products. Our product is a combustion improver, cetane improver, gum solvent, upper cylinder lubricant and engine cleaner. Our product used in conjunction with Bunker-C will produce less pollution than Low Sulfur Diesel that Marpol Annex VI advocates. The cost is about $27.00 per ton to treat Bunker-C fuel with Omstar B-15X. In CARB's testing they documented a reduction in particulates by 26%, hydrocarbons by 32%, 8% in NOx, Carbon Monoxide by 12%. We expect to have 10% or more reduction in fuel costs with ships that use Bunker-C or Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel when used with our product. Omstar is currently being tested by a large cruise line and we expect to thave the results soon. The advantage of using our products with Bunker-C are obvious compared to paying twice as much for Low Sulfur Diesel fuel. Bunker-C costs half as much as Low Sulfur Diesel fuel and has a higher BTU rating than Low Sulfur Diesel fuel and the emission will also be less. The increased lubricity that Omstar provides will lower Maintenance by as much as 45%. Starting in 2009 all fuel additives will be required to only publish what has been verified by independent labs. Please visit our website: www.greenecotek for more information or see CARB Evaluation of Omstar D-1280X: or
    You Tube as well:

    Thank you.


    Sean McDonald


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  • Goran Jonsson

    GMT 06:52
    11th September 2008
    Your information was an interesting reading but for private consumers without any technical background.
    If you make a test of an additive and really want to see the level of improvement it should be done in a new state engine.

    The results you mention originate from old trucks or busses all probably in need of maintenance. Using such engines in a test will show directly a good improvement but it does not reflect to the level of improvements in a well maintained engine.

    The price you mention $ 27/MT fuel is on a crazy high level.
    If a vessel consuming 50MT per day she will need $ 1350 for additive per day. If the fuel saving at the best is 3% = 1,5 MT/day there is not any economical benefit for the customer.

    We sell our fuel oil treatment (with official research result) on a price level of less than $ 5/MT fuel
  • Sean McDonald

    GMT 14:10
    11th September 2008
    Our additive is one of few additives that has been independently tested
    by EPA, CARB, AQMD, Marine Corps, 8,000,000 miles on LAX buses. Where are your independent tests? The emission levels are cut in half with our product. Opacity was cut by almost 90% on the buses we tested. We have tested new and old engines. We have fleets of trucks and buses using our additive. Under Marpol Annex VI our additive will allow ship owners to continue to use Bunker-C fuel instead of Low Sulfur Diesel that is currently $600.00 per ton. We even cut emission levels not even addressed in Marpol VI. We also have a Hydrogen On Demand System that cuts emissions even further. Our products have been around 22 years but has been 40 years in the making. Visit Next year we will be one of the few additives left for sale. New regulation prohibit companies from making any claims unless they have independent labs results to back up their claims.
  • Max Schuftan

    GMT 12:39
    29th June 2008
    Do you have any experience with Bunker Fuel Additives intended to improve combustion and emissions?
  • Goran Jonsson

    GMT 09:41
    3rd July 2008
    If you are interested in such ifo please log in to the following website and you will have a full information.
    G Jonsson.
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