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  • mops
  • Low Ka Huat

    GMT 05:51
    13th June 2007
    what is the formula for mops+1/-1? How much will be the price say mops+1 ?
  • Lee Hong Liang

    GMT 10:02
    13th June 2007
    There isn't really a formula for MOPS, but rather how MOPS prices are calculated.
    Any values, whether +1 or more, would be the premiums over MOPS or cargo prices.
    For example, current prices for low-sulphur fuel oil (LSFO) 380 cst in Singapore is around MOPS +35 to +40. You can refer to Bunkerworld price page on LSFO prices, which are quoted at this range above MOPS 380 cst.
  • E.K. Ong

    GMT 08:28
    24th July 2007
    Mr Lee, which price in bunkerworld shall refer for "Gas Oil Reg 0.5%". What are the abbreviation means at the 'Fuel Prices' page?
  • Dan Krokosky
    GMT 20:07
    25th July 2007
    If you read the Platts Bunker Wire take the high Diesel price to get the MGO 1.5% Sulphur Diesel price. You might pay a premium for 0.5%
  • Randy Yu

    GMT 00:48
    13th September 2007
    when was the last time MOPS traded at a discount? We noticed that MOPS prices have been trading at a premium for some time already.

  • Lee Hong Liang

    GMT 02:09
    14th September 2007
    MOPS were at discount during the first week of September. Premiums have been returning around middle of this week. I'd suggest you get Platts data for a more detailed pricing of MOPS.
  • Randy Yu

    GMT 02:41
    6th April 2008
    I noticed that the MOPS difference of GO 0.05% and GO 0.5% is somewhere around USD$2.00 to $4.50... What factors affect the price difference? Which of the two is often used as buying reference? I am into forecasting and trading. Thanks so much for the info...

    Likewise, can you provide info on UNL92, UNL95, and Naphta references for gasoline?

    many thanks!!
  • Low Ka Huat

    GMT 07:02
    10th June 2007
    what is mops? how to calculate +1,+2,or-1,-2? Thank you.
  • Lee Hong Liang

    GMT 07:42
    11th June 2007
    MOPS is Mean of Platts Singapore. The bulk of bunker sales is Singapore is made by 380 cst grade, so the commonly used term is MOPS 380 cst.

    The differential between ex-wharf 380 cst bunker fuel prices and MOPS 380 cst is the premiums, which can be in positive or negative values, as what you pointed out as +1, +2, or -1, -2.

    The values vary according to market fundamentals of supply and demand. When demand is low and supply is good, premiums will be low or negative. When demand is high and supply is tight, premiums will be high or positive.

    GMT 06:57
    11th February 2014
    Dear Mr. Lee,

    I have read many articles defining MOPS, however I fail to understand its relation to price. I have understood the concept of premiums and discounts.

    I will put a very simple statement.

    Statement: Last week LSFO was sold at MOPS plus $1.00/mt
    Query: At what rate was the LSFO sold? MOPS basically is the mean price of oil traded through Singapore. So MOPS correlates to what price or which commodity's listed pricing? How can I know the current MOPS?

    I believe this is everybody's question.
    Please help us understand.

    Many thanks.

    G M
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