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  • Platts pricing for D2 and Mazut
  • Shik Tong Kan

    GMT 08:35
    8th March 2010

    I am interested in the current platts pricing for the above 2 items.

    I was told the bunkerworld pricing under rotterdam is platts pricing for mazut,

    can someone please advise and let me know the current platts for mazut and d2 rotterdamn .

  • David Fernandez

    GMT 14:32
    8th March 2010
    Dear Shik,

    There are 17 different types of Mazut and there is not any product called D2. This link will help you to know how Russian material is priced using platt's assessments:

    For info about prices and deals you have to be subscribed to Platts or Argus(or other similar services). Reuters publishes every day a free report about prices and deals that could serve you as orientation:

    Best regards,

  • Guy Wilson-Roberts

    GMT 21:24
    9th March 2010
    Just to add to David's comments: both Platts and Bunkerworld are providers of market information, such as product prices.

    Bunkerworld shows prices that it collects independently for marine fuels for shipping industry customers in over 200 bunkering ports. It is the largest specialist provider of such prices.

    Platts shows prices in the cargo market. This is effectively the wholesale market for petroleum products.
  • David Fernandez

    GMT 01:15
    10th March 2010
    Just to add to Guy's comments: bunkerworld is the best source of information about the bunkering/marine fuels market, despite I forgot to mention sometimes :) Is not for being a ball, is true, not just because of the price reporting services but the articles and the info about companies are really useful and you can read here some news before they appear in any other place.

    Best regards,

  • ali sharif

    GMT 20:31
    13th October 2010
    Dear Mr. Fernandez,

    Your mentioned / link isn't available, please let's know new link.
  • Guy Wilson-Roberts

    GMT 16:20
    20th October 2010
    Dear All,

    Please note that this forum is for enquiries as to how to do business in the industry, not for advertising product availability.

    For such offers and requests we have our Classifieds section.

    Many thanks.
  • Graham Shepherd

    GMT 03:56
    29th October 2010
    try this link
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