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  • Diesel D2
  • Kamal Tolani

    GMT 10:53
    21st June 2007
    Hey Mokhtar,

    Thanks for the reply, just wanted to check with you what are the prices for this D2 product compared to Marine Diesal Oil.

  • Mokhtar Alame
    GMT 07:27
    10th July 2007
    Dear Mr. Kamal,
    The D2 price is hidher 10-15% than MDO.
    It is better if you check the today's Bunker prices on this site.
    may KAZMA
    Sales Manager
  • Hamzah Hanafi

    GMT 07:01
    6th March 2008
    Dear Mr. Mokhtar,

    It is very useful information regarding D2 Prices, just clarify D2 prices is higher 10-15% from MDO that publish on this site?
    FYI. Our company is in process for D2 transaction so I have to update the prices daily from this site, how is the price for long term basis?.

    Thank you.
  • Michael Newman

    GMT 23:47
    4th October 2008
    Hi lady´s gentlemans, i have a question, is there a normal procedure pay additional fees or commision to the D2 sellers for the product you are buying just for make it fast in your favor?
  • Obi Nwad
    GMT 02:50
    5th October 2008
    i do not understand your question at all
  • Dominique Tanks

    GMT 05:43
    7th October 2008
    No, That is not normal. It sounds like a scam...If you really are looking for D2 contact me. Sorry I don't give my corporate info on these sites.
  • Kamal Tolani

    GMT 09:43
    19th June 2007
    Where is Diesel D2 used? How is it different from MDO or MGO? Is there a lot price difference comparitively? Who are the producers and where can one source this product from in Middle East?
  • Mokhtar Alame
    GMT 08:25
    21st June 2007
    The main producers of D2 is Russia.
    The Arab countries import Diesel for their local Market .
    The Russian D2 is almost like the Arab Diesel technically.
    Kay KAZMA(Mrs.0
    Sales manager
  • Robert Burns

    GMT 17:58
    15th July 2011
    Will supply 100,000 MT x 12 of D2 to any buyer who sends me an ICPO, under their letterhead, addressed to Gazprom Neft's Chairman Mr. A.V. Dyukov. They will receive
    forms and FCO or Draft contract signed by Gazprom Neft.

    Price is 10 to 15% discount on Rotterdam Platts and pick up is FOB Rotterdam.
    Contracts can be of a longer and larger time and quantity but let's see how smoothly
    the first shipment goes.

    Robert Burns
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