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Bunkerworld Forum

The discussion forum for the Bunker industry.

General Discussion

Latest: 16 Apr 2014    Start New Subject
Prashant P LTime is nigh
Apr 16Dear Maria, Apart from the problems associated...
Mustafa MIndustry sees need for improved control of bunker...
Apr 14It can be done by chosing correct SUPPLY PORT and...
Christopher TSinguel ups stake in Chemoil
Apr 11Singuel or Singfuel ?

Ship Technology

Latest: 11 Apr 2014    Start New Subject
Joel BremsonNew power source applicable to shipping
Apr 11Seriously?
Mark GoldesEngines That Need No Fuel
Apr 11An abundant, largely untapped source of solar...
Steve DyeDealing with the unintended consequences of progress
Apr 11New efficient engine designs at higher risk of...

Scrubber Discussion

Latest: 8 Apr 2014    Start New Subject
Brian BoserupChemical giant buys into scrubber manufacturer
Apr 8"This improves our delivery of a profitable...
Zabi BazariExpert recommends scrubber retrofits for older vessels
Mar 15The case for older vessels and newbuild should be...
Dragos RautaExpert recommends scrubber retrofits for older vessels
Jan 20Dragos Rauta, INTERTANKO An investment of $4 or $5...

Technical Discussion

Latest: 27 Mar 2014    Start New Subject
Leo ChenOil Purifier Machines and Their Function
Mar 27Mechanical impurities in oil will bring about...
Kim Wee TeoDefination
Mar 7What is the difference between High Speed Diesel...
Izreen F M Rblending ratio
Mar 5anyone can share rule of thumb to come out with...


Latest: 19 Mar 2014    Start New Subject
Mar 19Is anybody dealing direct with Lukoil in New York...
Manikant JhaThe black sheep of the particulate family
Mar 17What is the general price difference between...
Manikant JhaThe black sheep of the particulate family
Mar 17Has the Sulfur level of 1.0% become mandatory for...


Latest: 1 Mar 2014    Start New Subject
MS ChuaFake D2 sellers
Mar 1Felix, there are only a few companies that can do...
Can BesevCan Ertem joins OI
Jul 10I would like to congragulate Ocean Intelligence...
Morten DehnSuppliers 'bankrolling shipping' with $195 billion
Jun 12It makes no sense to aggregate into an annual...

LNG Discussion

Latest: 25 Feb 2014    Start New Subject
Logpedia LLatest Oil & Gas news from around the world
Feb 25Find latest news from the oil & gas industry from...
John Graykowski2013: The Year Before the Year of LNG?
Dec 30The US is closer to reaching the LNG tipping point...
kevinm MatthewsLNG trading hub in Asia
Dec 30companies like, and many more...


Latest: 25 Nov 2013    Start New Subject
Unni EinemoBunker Index X Baltic Index
Nov 25In the past, we have seen a correlation (not always...
Marcel PapaBunker Index X Baltic Index
Nov 20Hello, I did a comparative graphic between the...
Sep 25IS there a product out there where i could hedge...
Dick O OWe are looking for more traders to partner with
Apr 18do you still need one to patina with?
Dick O OEuro 2M (500)ppm
Apr 18Lets have a business. write me
Dick O OMarine Fuel Oil Supplyer Needed
Apr 18We can suply you the Marine Fuel Oil, but your...

Press Releases

Latest: 27 Mar 2014    Start New Subject
Leo ChenTransformer Oil Filtration Machine Vacuum...
Mar 27The insulating oil purifying procedure is meant for...
Logpedia LPress Releases | All Press Releases from major...
Mar 1Want to stay updated with all the latest releases...
Kris AiHigh-Performance Transformer Oil Filtration,Oil...
Jan 31Application: Contamination of electrical...

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Including small ships will create 'unnecessary administrative burdens', says ECSA.   Read More »


Industry Opinion
Apr 11
New efficient engine designs at higher risk of corrosion from sulphuric acid.
Jan 29
Particulates come in many different guises. One variety has been singled out for particular attention at the IMO.
Jan 8
2015 is coming around sooner than we think, and it is time to take all relevant factors into consideration as regulatory pressure tightens.
Dec 30
The US is closer to reaching the LNG tipping point today than a year ago.
Oct 10
Two thirds of the world is covered in it - the most obvious and compliant EAL is right under our noses - Seawater.
Oct 9
But independent companies play an important part in the St. Petersburg bunker market.
Sep 27
Asian container operator confirms that higher BN cylinder lubricants deliver more cost-effective control of liner corrosion.
Sep 24
How did I defend the motion - 'This House believes that the demands for ever-greener shipping are so much hot air' at the WISTA UK grand debate?
Sep 12
Paying $10 per day more for a cruise holiday seems like a reasonable price to pay.

Letters to the Editor

Applauding how USCG and EPA have handled the introduction of ECA within their waters.