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3 Jan, 2011 - 24 Jan, 2014              1   2   3      
24 Jan
9 Apr 2013
Alternative is to shift vessels to inner port anchorage, says notice from OceanConnect.
23 Apr 2012
Maurice Lara has joined GAC as its Bunker Manager for East Coast USA.
18 Aug 2011
Forum, organised as part of APPEC week, will discuss issues affecting the bunker and shipping industry in Singapore and across Asia's emerging markets.
7 Apr 2011
Bandy decides not to seek re-election at the upcoming general meeting.
3 Mar 2011
Jerry Lorenzo resigns after nearly 14 years with the company.
11 Feb 2011
Wholesale-retail margin spreads showing 'signs of improvement', says executive chairman Mike Bandy.
10 Feb 2011
Raymond Joseph Bartoszek's position will be filled by another representative of the Glencore group.
21 Jan 2011
As part of the company's rationalization programme to increase efficiencies, says firm.
3 Jan 2011
Appointment of new CEO in line with plans 'to put in place a strong leadership team to see Chemoil through a new era of growth'.
3 Jan, 2011 - 24 Jan, 2014              1   2   3