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World Shipping Council

15 Feb, 2012 - 25 Jun, 2014              1   2      
25 Jun
Rising fuel prices and larger vessels make consortia 'an even more important tool'.
26 May
New regulation will enter into force in July 2016.
15 Apr
'We are really concerned because there are humongous amounts of money at stake here.'
8 Apr
'Convention could limp into force without any attempt to address industry concerns,' MEPC 66 told.
26 Dec 2013
Lack of clarity among other issues pointed out by World Shipping Council.
14 May 2013
Resolution to allow delayed implementation of ballast water treaty does not address the 'fundamental problem' MEPC 65 is told.
27 Apr 2012
Koch expressed industry's frustration in having to 'deal with this issue through the illogical and incoherent legal regime that currently addresses this issue.'
1 Mar 2012
IMO committee agrees it would be 'inappropriate' to apply EEDI formula to existing ships, meaning some MBM proposals will need revision.
27 Feb 2012
Proposal aimed at overcoming typical objections to MBMs draws sceptical remarks during IMO presentation.
15 Feb 2012
MEPC 63 proposal says EIS would result in greater carbon reductions at less cost to the industry and to exporters and importers than a levy.
15 Feb, 2012 - 25 Jun, 2014              1   2