Prices of 0.1% S distillate compared to HFO 1,5% S
  • Unni Einemo
    Petromedia Ltd

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    moderator icon Moderator  Feb 11, 2008   GMT 15:39
    Hello Pieter. The price of ship fuels are subject to fast changes, and they also vary from port to port. You can get a good idea about the prices you are after on Bunkerworld's 'Fuel Prices' pages. For you I guess Rotterdam would be most useful:

    The MGO price you can see on this page will typically be a 0.1% S distillate fuel.

    The MDO is a distillate fuel with allowable S content up to 1.5%, but I'm not sure what its typical sulphur content would be.

    The LS380 and LS180 prices are for HFO (380 centistoke & 180 centistoke respectively) with max 1.5% sulphur.

    HFO with 1% sulphur is also available from fuel oil traders in Rotterdam, but would currently normally be blended up to 1.5% S before being sold to ship.

    HFO with 0.5% would be a very rare commodity and so it seems little point in speculating about its price.
  • Pieter Hammingh

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    Feb 8, 2008   GMT 10:05
    Dear All, I am no specialist on ship fuel prices. That is why i would like to ask you what are the current prices of different types of fuels:
    distillate fuel with 0.1% S, of distillate fuel with 0.5% S, HFO with 0.5% S and HFO with 1,5% S
  • Pieter Hammingh

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    Feb 11, 2008   GMT 09:15
    Can anyone give me some information on my question? Or where can i find it. PLS