Jun 6th 2011
The Environment - Robin Meech, Course Director

Market Size
The players
Future developments

Marpol Annex VI
EU directives
USA regulations
Future regulations
Coffee & Networking Break

Costs of compliance

Technologies - scrubbing - SCR
Economics - deciding when to invest
Future scenarios
Lunch Break
Demand and Pricing

Demand for the six types of bunkers by region
Price premium fuel oil /gas oil and sulphur
Green House Gasses

Explanation and comparison of three approaches to GHG reduction
Coffee & Networking Break
Alternative fuels

Bio-fuels and other alternatives
The future environment

Future fuel usage by type
Comparative economics
New technologies for economic and clean fuels
Jun 7th 2011
Sampling and Testing - Chris Fisher, Bunker Claims International
Production of bunkers

From oil well to propeller
Low sulphur fuels
Crude oil types and their impact on bunker quality
Refining methods and their impact on fuel quality
ISO 8217

The history of fuel specifications
The key issues
Evaluation of 2010 version
Current specifications
The future
Coffee & Networking Break
Sampling and Surveys

Sampling methods
Sampling barges and tanks
Measurement techniques
Calculations and Conversions
Precision of test methods
Evaluation of test results
Testing companies

How, when, why to use them

Traditional methods
Coriolis meters
Lunch Break
Half day in the Laboratory - DNVPS

Principal tests
Theory and practice
How to obtain best value from the laboratory
Jun 8th 2011
Business Skills - Robin Meech, Course Director
Strategic purchasing

Procurement problems
Choosing a port
Choosing a supplier
Price versus cost
Credit risk management

Reading a company's accounts
What to look for in a credit assessment
Coffee & Networking Break
Managing a bunker business

Cost control
Corporate Social Responsibility

Training - spasmodic - unstructured
Reputation - Poor - claims - metering - money grabbing
Environment - Followers - not innovative
Social / Community support - Few examples are visible
Lunch Break
Derivatives for Fuel Oil hedging - Tom James, Professor at University of Petroleum & Energy Studies & Executive Director and Chairman NR-X Pte Ltd

Forwards, swaps, basis swaps, options, Asian options, crack spread options
Shipping Company Hedging Strategies
Inventory stock holding (bunker, Fuel Distributor)
Physical Trader scenarios
Hedging Case Study

With a simulated market environment using individual Thomson Reuters screen set-up for Fuel Oil / Bunker Oil Markets at Reuters' offices
Jun 9th 2011
Singapore regulations - Seah Khen Hee, Spring Singapore (Invited)

The administration of the port
The regulations summarised
Future regulations
Delivery Operations - Chris Fisher, Bunker Claims International

Best practice delivering bunkers
Best practice receiving bunkers
Avoiding environmental damage
Safety issues
Lunch Break
Port Visit

Observing barge operations
Jun 10th 2011
The role of the P&I clubs - Alvin Looi - North of England P&I

Claims handling
Charter-party clauses
Charter-party disputes
Types of insurance cover
Coffee & Networking Break
Types of claims - Andrew Lee, Partner - Hill Dickinson LLP

Quantity & Quality
Claims against Suppliers & Charterers
Terms and conditions of sale
Importance of evidence & determination of causation
Avoiding claims
Payment disputes & ship arrest
Pros and cons of Mediation, Arbitration and Commercial Court.
Workshop case study
Course quiz
Certificates presentation
End of Course