Coriolis mass flowmeter
6 Jul 2017
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Mass flowmeter up to DN10 to DN200 (8)
We offer mass flowmeter diam from DN10 to DN200 (8").

Direct real-time measurement of mass and volumetric flow rate and density.

Used for volume and mass flow measurement, for density, mass and flow measurement of liquids. The information is used for process data communications and accountings in chemical, petrochemical, oil, food, pharmaceutical, other industries and public facilities applications.

No obstructions inside of the process-wetted part
Direct volume flow measurement with high accuracy
Measures density and temperature of the fluid
Modern digital signal processor
No straight pipe length requirements
Automatic temperature data correction
Pressure data correction
No moving parts, high reliability
Can be installed and monitored thought RS-485 using "EMIS-Integrator" software
Can be used with MicroMotion ProLink software

Certificate RMRS.

Air to worldwide destinations.

All of our products are guaranteed 12 month.

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